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Jay Cutler: Chicago Bears call 'ballsy' offensive plays

Jay Cutler looked more comfortable in the second half of his first win under coach Marc Trestman than any other time since moving to Chicago.

It took some time for Trestman's offense to get churning Sunday, but the Bears came back from an 11-point deficit in the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals, a potential playoff contender. That's the type of comeback we rarely see in the Windy City.

A pivotal play in the game was a fourth-and-inches call from the Bengals' 27, with the Bears trailing 21-17 and 8:32 still on the clock. Trestman could have kicked a field goal with that much time left.

That's not his style.

"Ballsy play-calling," Cutler said, per the Chicago Tribune. "That's what Trestman's about."

The play after Bears running back Matt Forte picked up the first down (yes, Forte got short-yardage carries for once), Cutler found Brandon Marshall in the end zone for the game-winning score.

"I didn't understand it," Marshall said. "Fourth quarter, put a safety on me one-on-one? You can only ask for that in dreams."

What has Cutler been dreaming about? The zero sacks his offensive line -- featuring two rookies -- gave up Sunday.

Despite the occasional Cutlerian pass, the combination of protection and an offense that finally is tailored to Cutler's skill set might provide Bears fans with pleasant dreams well into winter.

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