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Jay Cutler: Bears' new offense a 'breath of fresh air'

Jay Cutler didn't come out and say life with the Chicago Bears is sunnier without erstwhile offensive coordinator Mike Martz, but let's not play dumb here.

The quarterback called the new setup on offense "a breath of fresh air" and praised quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates, who Cutler worked with in Denver. Cutler's optimism speaks volumes.

Applauding Hester

Bears QB Jay Cutler was effusive in his praise of WR Devin Hester during team OTAs, Mark Sessler writes. **More ...**

"I think Jeremy has a really good feel for what I like to do and what I don't like to do," Cutler said, according to "There were plays out here today (where) I told them, 'I don't like them. Let's think about getting rid of them.'

"He's fine with that and (new offensive coordinator Mike) Tice is fine with that," Cutler went on. "So it's a give and take, and that's a breath of fresh air around here; being able to give ideas. Everyone gives ideas and let's pick the best ones that work for everybody."

This open market for ideas simply didn't exist in a Mike Martz world, a major reason why Martz wasn't brought back for a third season by Bears coach Lovie Smith.

An NFL source told that the Bears are emulating aspects of the 2008 Denver Broncos passing attack. That unit was ranked No. 2 in the NFL, and featured Cutler at QB, Bates as QB coach and Brandon Marshall as the leading receiver.

Can the Bears replicate that formula for similar success in 2012? They certainly have the cast to make it happen.

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