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Jay Cutler: Bears glad to have Matt Forte 'if and when'

Who's ready for more news about potential training camp holdouts?

(OK, OK, you can all put your hands down now.)

First Ed Reed and now Matt Forte. The running back said in June he has no choice but to play for the Chicago Bears this season, but quarterback Jay Cutler has started to wonder if he'll see his teammate when training camp begins on July 26.

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"We don't know what's going to happen," Cutler told ESPN Radio on Wednesday.

"It's a business on both ends. So if and when we get Matt back, we're happy to have him."

Cutler has softened his stance on this issue. Last month, he said he'd be "shocked" if Forte didn't sign his $7.7 million tender before training camp. Cutler now sounds less optimistic, leading one to wonder what's changed -- or what he's heard -- since then.

Even if Forte does end up missing time, Cutler remains confident Forte will be able to play catch-up on the new elements of Chicago's offense.

"I'm not worried about Matt," Cutler said. "If we have a short amount of time with Matt, he's gonna be fine."

The Bears seem to be making it pretty clear Forte won't get the contract extension he's looking for. Baltimore Ravens safety Reed said Wednesday that holding out is a business move, but what's the point when there's no business to tend to?

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