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Jay Cutler admits he's concerned with offensive line

Jay Cutler is a lot like Bears fans out there. He's worried about the team's offensive line.

"You know, the offensive line is definitely going to be a concern and seeing where those guys are going to fit in and seeing what five we go with," Cutler said via the Chicago Sun-Times when asked about the upcoming season. "If Gabe [Carimi] comes back, if J'Marcus [Webb] pans out. Where are we going to put Chris Williams? There are some question marks there. Until we really get that resolved and get our front five settled in, we've got some work to do on offense."

Cutler's honesty won't win him any points in Chicago, but we love it. He's essentially questioning the team's strategy to not draft offensive linemen. We questioned that strategy as well after the draft, and heard from a few angry Bears fans that said we were making too much out of nothing. The fans say that getting rid of offensive coordinator Mike Martz solves everything. Cutler disagrees.

"It helps some, but it's not a cure all by any means," Cutler said. "They're still going to be asked to protect. There are going to be times it's third-and-eight, third-and-10 and we're going to have to take seven-step drops and we're going to have the longer route and they're going to have to protect."

I'm an unabashed Cutler supporter, but it's hard to imagine Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady making these comments. Then again, it's hard to imagine the Packers or Patriots failing to address the offensive line year after year.

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