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Jason Hatcher: I never called out teammate Tony Romo

Prior to the Dallas Cowboys' 31-7 bulldozing of the St. Louis Rams, we relayed to you NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport's report that Jason Hatchercalled out Tony Romo for audibling out of running plays.

After the Cowboys ran 34 times for 193 yards in Sunday's victory, Hatcher and his teammates refuted the story that the defensive lineman's team speech called out anyone, according to The Dallas Morning News.

"I love Romo to death," Hatcher said. "I wasn't getting on Romo. He's the best quarterback in the league, so I love Romo to death. That's my brother."

Of course, Hatcher loved Romo after the quarterback led a balanced offense to a big lead on Sunday.

(To back up our guy Rapoport, we'd like to point out that none of the players refuted the frustration that RapSheet reported was voiced during practice about the lack of a Cowboys run game.)

The point highlighted by the initial report was on display Sunday: When the Cowboys run the ball successfully, they are a dangerous team.

In their Week 2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cowboys ran the ball just 16 times for 37 yards. They ran six times for 43 yards in the first series alone Sunday.

We oppose the flimsy statistic that team X has Y number of wins when they run Z times, often pointed to as evidence of why a team needs to run more. Teams usually run when they have the lead, so those stats aren't a surprise.

We do, however, believe that a balanced attack for the Cowboys, especially early in games, suits their offensive personnel and protects their defense.

Sunday's win was one good game by the offense -- we've seen running back DeMarco Murraysteamroll the Rams before.

This offense might be scary good -- if the Cowboys continue to give Murray a chance to supplement a potentially dynamic passing game.

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