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Jason Garrett staying the course with Dallas Cowboys

Don't expect Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to start throwing f-bombs or chairs around because his team was embarrassed on national television. It's not his style.

"If you're around these walls, in these meetings, around these practice fields and together, and in an intimate setting on this football team, I think (players) understand my intensity," Garrett said Tuesday, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "Jumping up and down on the sidelines is not really my personality, but certainly intensity and passion for the game is, and for trying to get this team right.

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"You have to be who you are. A lot of different coaches get it done in a lot of different ways."

We could care less about Garrett's personality or coaching style. He's right; he should be true to himself.

The Cowboys are at a crossroads because of sloppiness on offense; because they can't block in the running game; because they make mistakes. This has been an undisciplined, turnover-prone, penalty-prone, confusion-prone team for most of Garrett's time in Dallas. Players often don't seem to be on the same page.

Garrett needs to turn around that annual trend or there will be more talk by season's end whether or not he's the right man for the job, no matter what his style is.

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