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Jason Garrett downplays Tony Romo's role changing

Lack of clarity is an ongoing theme in matters of offense and the Dallas Cowboys.

Two days after Jerry Jones told Sirius XM Radio that Romo will have a significantly bigger role in the Cowboys' game plan preparation, coach Jason Garrettdownplayed any significant change in how the team will operate in 2013.

"It's really been similar to every quarterback situation that I've been involved in with every team that I've been involved in," Garrett said Wednesday, according to the Cowboys' team site. "In every place in this organization and in others, you're trying to get that kind of rapport between your starting quarterback and the coaching staff, and we've had it, and we'll continue to have that."

Garrett said he likes his quarterback to be engaged in the team's game plan, but he made it clear that's always been the case with Romo.

"He's been our starting quarterback for six years now, so his voice matters to us," Garrett said. "But, it's mattered for a long time."

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"You always want more," Garrett added. "You always want to do that part of it better. When you're communicating well with each other, I think that's a big piece of that puzzle."

So ... does that mean changes are coming?

"We're always trying to promote that," he said. "So we'll continue to do that."

The more explanation we get, the less we understand. And that's not even getting into the play-calling mystery. It increasingly feels like Garrett is entering a maze in which there will be no return.

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