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Jason Garrett dodges Cowboys' play-calling question

In theory, Jason Garrett's press conference on Wednesday should have offered clarity on who will handle the Dallas Cowboys' play-calling duties next season. It didn't quite turn out that way.

Garrett said the decision of who will call plays is his. He's just unsure what that decision will be right now.

"We'll (play a) preseason game in early August and hopefully we'll have it all worked out by then," Garrett said.

Bill Callahan was hired as offensive coordinator last month, inheriting the role Garrett held during his entire seven-year coaching tenure in Dallas. That led to speculation that Callahan would call the plays following a season in which Garrett was criticized for clock-management problems and a lack of commitment to the running game.

"We're going to work through the mechanics of that here and through the offseason," Garrett said on the topic of play calling. "I don't want to definitely say that one way or another. Again, like I said, there's been an evolution here of me trying to delegate a lot of the responsibilities I had as an offensive coordinator as I become the head coach.

"So, we're trying to move in that direction, Bill and I have talked about different ways we can do it."

So the update on the play-calling situation is that there is no update. The upside here is the preseason is a scant six months away. We're sure this topic won't be discussed at all until then.

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