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Jason Garrett: Dallas Cowboys not desperate

The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys face off this week in Week 10's Desperation Bowl. The winner can convince themselves the 2012 season still holds promise. The loser can start planning for next year, along with Mike Shanahan.

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Just don't break out the "D" word in front of Jason Garrett.

"Desperate means you start doing things that are out of character and random," the Cowboys coach said Thursday, via and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. "Urgency is a much better word. Focused. Understanding what we need to do in the short-term. I like that mentality."

The Cowboys could stand to do some things that are out of character. If this team has a football character, it's one of mental mistakes and poor situational football. That has increased speculation about Garrett's job heading into next year.

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones says the notion that Garrett is coaching for his job this year is "ridiculous" while noting everyone in the organization is accountable.

That's not entirely true. Jones' father, Jerry, is on record saying he won't fire himself as general manager of the team, no matter what happens. Stephen Jones isn't going anywhere either.

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