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Jason Babin thinking of running with bulls

In news that should once and for all solve the burning question of whether or not Andy Reid faints, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason Babin told reporters Wednesday that he plans to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, this July.

"It's kind of a rite of passage," Babin said after his first spring practice, according to "It's a stamp. I guess in my brain I have a figurative 'man card' that's got certain punches that need to be punched out."

Babin's "man card" included a recent 12-day bear-hunting trip in Alaska. He had planned to attend the first week of Eagles OTAs, but blizzard-like conditions parked him in the Great White North for longer than expected.

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"I'm upset I missed (practice) because ... I don't miss stuff," Babin said. "I think (the Eagles) were really concerned like, 'Where is he?' because my phone didn't work."

But let's get back to the bulls. One can argue that purposely choosing to get into a foot race with an 800-pound animal trying to gore you to death is a bad idea for a professional athlete who makes a living with the very body the beast is determined to destroy. Please consult any number of horrific YouTube clips for proof.

But Babin said he has it all figured out.

"Everyone thinks it's dangerous and hazardous," he said, "but it's not, if done correctly and soberly.

"Bulls can't turn the corner on cobblestone, so as long as you're on the inside, you're going to be all right. I broke the tape down like game film."

Well, now that he put it that way, we're sure the Eagles are totally cool with this.

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