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Jason Babin: Five potential landing spots

It's rare to see a player with a premium pedigree hit the waiver wire during the regular season, but that's the situation we have with Jason Babin, the defensive end released Tuesday by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Babin's play had regressed this season, but this is the same guy who piled up 30.5 sacks the previous two seasons, including 18 in 2011. This might be a one-dimensional defender in the midst of a down season, but past success combined with a manageable 2013 salary will make him an attractive waiver target.

So where will Babin land? Here are five possibilities:

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons cut Ray Edwards this month and are still looking for a pass-rushing compliment opposite John Abraham. This is one of the teams Babin said expressed interest in him when he was a free agent last year.

Chicago Bears

Another team that showed serious interest in Babin when he was a free agent. If the Bears thought Babin was a fit in their scheme last year, they may still feel that way now.

New England Patriots

Opponents of the Patriots are often playing from behind, consistently putting them in passing situations. This is a nice fit for Babin, who can pin back his ears and get after the quarterback.

Denver Broncos

Similar logic here as with the Patriots. Babin doesn't have much value as a run-stuffer, but any Super Bowl contender -- and the Broncos fit in that category -- should investigate whether Babin will make them more dangerous for the stretch run.

Detroit Lions

Babin would be a nice fit in Jim Schwartz's scheme. This is a 4-3 player exclusively, and Schwartz could use Babin as a situational rusher who can help improve the back end of this defense by putting pressure on the quarterback.

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