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Jason Avant, Chip Kelly 'butted heads' with Eagles

DeSean Jackson wasn't the only Philadelphia Eagles wideout to get off toa rocky start with coach Chip Kelly last year.

Jason Avant, now with the Carolina Panthers, recently told the Charlotte Observer he knew by the fourth game last season that he wasn't long for Philadelphia.

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"When it came to certain things, we butted heads sometimes -- route running and route technique," Avant explained. "So I knew I didn't fit his system."

Avant was limited to running clear-out routes because he didn't have the speed that Kelly covets in his wide receivers.

"When they stop calling your number and guys start running some of the routes that you run," Avant said, "I knew from the beginning that I didn't fit his style of offense, in that I'm a crafty guy that gets open in an atypical way."

Avant said the Panthers were one of "five or six" teams to call him after his release from the Eagles.

He picked the right location to rejuvenate his NFL career at age 31. He boasts the league's lowest drop percentage over the past three years, which will help with Cam Newton's erratic ball placement in a ball-control offense.

Meanwhile, Avant's replacement in Kelly's offense is turning heads rather than butting them.

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