Jared Allen visits Cowboys, has been talking with five teams

Jared Allen's visit with the Dallas Cowboys began Monday night and extends into Tuesday. There's no telling whether he'll leave with a deal, but all options are open, according to a source informed of the player's situation.

The veteran pass rusher has been talking with five teams, but he's taken just two visits thus far: Dallas and Seattle (which he visited over the weekend).

Allen has turned down several offers already, but he also was in talks with the Denver Broncos before they signed DeMarcus Ware. Some have written that Allen "turned down" an offer of three years and $30 million from the Broncos, but what's accurate is that it was the price range his reps put on the table.

"There were reports of Jared allegedly turning down a supposed $30 million offer from a team during the three-day period prior to free agency," said Allen's agent Ken Harris, responding in a text message asking for clarification.

"First, Jared was never offered that, so it was never on the table for him to accept or turn down. Second, it would have been a violation for a team to even make an offer during that period. We never spoke to that team outside of that three-day period either."

Allen has averaged nearly 13 sacks per season over his 10-year career with the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings.

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