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James Jones: 'I still don't get no respect around here'

We've got the NFL's version of "rich-people problems" cropping up in Green Bay.

The Green Bay Packers are deep at wide receiver, to the point where James Jones is wondering how to get noticed.

"At times -- I ain't going to lie to you -- it does get frustrating -- for all of us," Jones recently told "And I'm sure it gets frustrating for our quarterback (Aaron Rogers). He's got five, six good receivers to throw to, a tight end to throw to, so I'm sure it gets tough."

Thirty-one teams are less than sympathetic, but let's hear the man out. After signing a three-year, $9.4 million deal with the Packers before last season, Jones' production dipped from 50 to 38 receptions, fourth-best on the team. He's been mentioned in trade rumors for months, but he admits, "I don't know how good my trade value is."

Jones says he's under the gun to make a big play every time he touches the ball because long hours could pass before he catches another in Green Bay's outrageous passing attack.

"I still don't get no respect around here, though," Jones said. "That's why, in all my interviews, I'm just going to start saying 'Respect.' Get me some shirts made."

Shirts made. We'll get right on that.

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