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James Jones: Green Bay Packers are no finesse team

Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones is on pace for a career year with 40 receptions for 462 yards. His eight touchdowns are already a career high. Fans questioned his hands after a series of drops in 2010, but he shook that reputation. Jones doesn't have a single drop in 2012, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Tyler Dunne.

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Jones made an appearance on "NFL AM" and was asked if the Packers deserve to be called a finesse team.

"We're a fast-paced offense," Jones said. "We like to throw the ball around the field. Our running game is not like Houston Texans' running game, but we run it when we have to.

"But finesse, that sounds like we're not a tough ballclub. And we're a tough ballclub. We just slang it around the field pretty good because we've got a pretty good guy back there throwing the ball."

Jones also talked about Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Last Thanksgiving, Suh stomped on Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith after a play and was ejected. Suh has been tabbed the NFL's dirtiest player.

"As we all seen the play, it was kind of dirty," Jones said. "But then we felt he didn't kind of own up to it. I guess he felt like he wasn't in the wrong.

"It definitely left a bad taste in our mouth. But it's football. Mistakes happen. You can't hold nothing against that one player. I wouldn't say he's dirty, dirty. He plays hard. He made a couple mistakes, but we can't hold it against him."

The best part of the interview was Jones talking about how blessed his family is -- and how he doesn't want any girls.

"Hopefully I'll be able to bless my son and my other son that comes and my other son that comes because we're not having any girls," Jones said with a laugh. "It's not a guarantee, but it's a prayer.

"Nah, I'm playing. (But girls are) a lot of trouble."

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