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James Harrison has never heard of Bengals' Tony Dye

The Cincinnati Bengals reached deep down the depth chart to cook up a convincing 41-20 win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Maybe too deep.

The game arguably turned on a key play by reserve defensive back Tony Dye, who returned a blocked punt for a second-quarter score that put Cincy (7-4) ahead 21-13. After the game, veteran linebacker James Harrison was asked about the handiwork of Dye, who was activated off the practice squad just days before the game.

"Who?" Harrison asked, per The Cincinnati Enquirer. "(Number) forty-four?"

Correct, a reporter assured him.

"Oh. He's probably elated. He's going to look at that all the way to San Diego. He has a week to gloat."

Dye actually has two weeks to gloat, as the Bengals move into their bye week before facing the San Diego Chargers on Dec. 1. We're learning that Harrison isn't terribly aware of the roster or the schedule, but that should fix itself if Dye keeps contributing -- and the Bengals keep winning.

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