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Jairus Byrd teams with father Gill Byrd on Legacy Experience

Not many kids are fortunate enough to be raised by a father who played in the NFL. Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd is one of the lucky few.

Byrd's bond with his dad, ex-San Diego ChargersPro Bowl cornerback Gill Byrd, blossomed on the football field at the age of 11. The duo remains close, bonding nowadays through the Legacy Experience, Jairus' program dedicated to father-son relationships.

"It just entails what we leave behind as parents to our children," said Gill of the program, which started June 9. "For obvious reasons, the fact that I played in the National Football League, and Jairus is now playing in the National Football League, is one indicator of why we named it 'Legacy.'

"The purpose is to establish a legacy between fathers and sons using the fundamental principles of football. Teaching life lessons like discipline, mentoring and trust that can be carried on long after the experience is over."

Jairus was inspired to start the program from memories of seeing his childhood classmates having poor relationships with their fathers. His goal is to change that with today's generation.

"We present the challenge from both ends," Jairus said. "What being an example as a father is, and for kids how to submit to your father's authority when you're under their household and learn to respect them and do the things that they need to do and be receptive to what's being taught."

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