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Jacoby Jones: Steve Smith has Panthers game circled

Steve Smith will face his former Carolina Panthers teammates in a Week 4 matchup that is easily one of the best revenge games of the 2014 season.

Jacoby Jones, one of Smith's new teammates with the Baltimore Ravens, said he can see the veteran's fire concerning the breakup with Carolina.

"I just think that he got a chip on his shoulder. He's ready to work, I can tell you that," Jones said Thursday on NFL Network's "NFL AM."

Jones said it's clear that Smith has been looking forward to playing the Panthers.

"He hasn't mentioned it, but I can just see it in his face," Jones said. "I think he's got it saved in his 'notes' in his phone; he's been looking at it for weeks."

If it weren't clear that Smith still has the Panthers on his mind, the 34-year-old receiver on Wednesday retweeted a Ravens post highlighting the grudge match with the Panthers. He then had an unprompted, entertaining back-and-forth with former teammate DeAngelo Williams.

Only 157 days until the Ravens and Panthers meet. Where's the countdown clock?

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