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Jacoby Jones, Mike Tomlin videos show new elements

The Baltimore Ravens' official website has the raw sideline feed from Jacoby Jones seconds after the kickoff returner was slowed by Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on a 73-yard return during last Thursday's game.

"I would never get caught," Jones screamed to his teammates and coaches immediately afterward.

"Coach was on the field," Jones then told Torrey Smith. "(Tomlin) was on the field, watching the Jumbotron. I had to go around him, bro. ... I'm running down the sideline like, 'Look at this (expletive).' Swear to God. (Tomlin) was on the field! (Tomlin) was on the field!"

After watching an exclusive new angle of the play from KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, it's easy to see why Jones was adamant.

Viewing the play from Jones' vantage point, Tomlin clearly takes a side step toward the playing field. With his foot already on the field, Tomlin jumps out of the way once he realizes Jones is closing in.

The question remains: Were Tomlin's actions intentional?

The new angle is similar to the infamous Zapruder film. People see what they want to see in it.

The NFL will review the video this week in an effort to determine whether Tomlin intentionally interfered with Jones. Per NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, Tomlin and the Steelers face a fine as well as the possible loss of a draft pick pending the review.

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