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Jacobs believes he's joined a winner in San Francisco

The New York Giants have moved on from Brandon Jacobs, unwilling to pay money to a running back who lacked the power and ferocity of his earlier playing days.

Now a member of the San Francisco 49ers, the two-time Super Bowl winner is realistic about where he fits into the lineup -- behind the productive Frank Gore, without question -- and is willing to help where coach Jim Harbaugh sees fit.

"All that part will work itself out. As far as competing, that will make everyone of us better," Jacobs told the team's official website, after signing his one-year contract Friday. "It makes us better as a team, it makes us better at our job. I'm looking forward to the opportunity of playing with Frank."

Jacobs also spoke about reuniting with 49ers receiver Mario Manningham, one of the heroes of Super Bowl XLVI who was plucked from the Giants this offseason through free agency.

Jacobs will turn 30 before next season, and will battle Kendall Hunter for time in an offense that appeared content to feed Gore repeatedly in 2011. Jacobs grew up a 49ers fan and talked about a connection with team brass, who showed more interest than any other team in continuing his career.

"It's a good football team and really close," Jacobs said. "And I felt wanted. I felt they really wanted me around and I was excited about it."

Jacobs' one-year deal doesn't show tremendous faith from the 49ers, but undoubtedly they are attracted to his playoff experience (and possibly his knowledge of the Giants' offense). The 49ers came close enough to the Super Bowl last season that adding a veteran like Jacobs makes some sense in April. Time will tell if it makes sense come September.

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