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Jacksonville Jaguars fans: Tim Tebow shouldn't be on our team

Recent outcries from fans and an Orlando lawyer, who tried to convince Jacksonville Jaguars leadership to sign former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, have been met with resistance -- from other Jags fans.

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A Jaguars booster club named Bold City Brigade created a website,, in an attempt to deter the team's brass from picking up Tebow, according to As of 7:30 p.m. ET, the website's petition had eclipsed the 530,000 mark.

John Caputo, president of Bold City Brigade, told that the website is "a direct response to the petition and the lawyer's ad" and isn't "meant to be anti-Tebow as much as it's meant to show support and solidarity for (owner) Shad Khan and the team's vision for the franchise and its direction."

"Obviously it's frustrating to be constantly bombarded by the Tebow-mania," Caputo told "Many die-hard Jaguars fans feel ignored. We feel like our voices are not heard because we tend to sit back and not do anything brash and in-your-face."

The website's name references a quote from new Jaguars general manager David Caldwell, who said in January that the team wouldn't be interested in Tebow, "even if he is released." Many fans continue to speculate if Tebow still could land with the Jaguars, who went so far as to release a statement saying their "plans do not include" the quarterback, who grew up in Jacksonville.

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Tebow definitely does not have a fan in the Bold City Brigade, but he does in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who spoke with's Steve Wyche on Thursday.

"As a young man, he's just a super young guy, and I sure hope he's part of the NFL going forward," Goodell said. "He's a terrific young man and represents all of the values that I think all of our players do."

"They're obviously great athletes on the field, but these are great young men, and Tim's a good example of that."

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