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Is Tim Tebow a 'Top 100' player?

The premiere of the NFL Network's "The Top 100: Players of 2012" did not go off without it's share of controversy. Chris Johnson, whose 1,047 rushing yards came up relatively small when measured against his 2,003 rushing yards in 2009 -- earned the "Donovan McNabb honorable mention" spot at No. 100.

Rosenthal: 'Top 100' absurdity

There were a few ridiculous aspects to NFL Network's "Top 100: Players of 2012" on Sunday. Gregg Rosenthal takes a look at a few of the more noteworthy selections. **More ...**

Meanwhile, Packers fullback John Kuhn crashed the party at No. 92, one spot ahead of Tony Romo, leading us to wonder if that says more about Kuhn's perceived worth in an uber pass-happy offense or Romo's tumble from No. 72 last year.

Then there's Tim Tebow, listed at No. 95. Tebow Time was must-see T.V. last season, so it should come as no surprise that the people upstairs found a way to get Tebow on the show's premiere episode. But was he one of the NFL's top 100 players? With a little help from Senior Associate Editor Aron Angel, we unveil another edition of He Said, He Said to debate Tebow's place on the list.

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