Is the world really ready for Merriman on Broadway?

As Reggie Bush and Rashard Mendenhall recently proved, NFL players might have too much time on their hands. Many of them continue to generate news, but probably not for the reason they would want. Here are five stories about players. Four of them are true. One of them is false.

And to be honest, you probably do not want any of them to be true.

Here are the stories. Guess which one is false and you win, well, nothing. About all I can offer is a retweet.

Story One

Packers LB A.J. Hawk is organizing a contest for guys to talk about their love of small dogs. Hawk is encouraging fans to send in photos and essays for the Mighty Dog Big Guy, Small Dog contest. The winner will be featured in an upcoming calendar featuring giant men and their tiny dogs. "I'm here to say, don't be scared. Step out of the shadows with your little dog. And be comfortable with it."

Story Two

Wide receiver Randy Moss figures to be on the move once the free-agency period is open, and the enigmatic receiver has told anybody who will listen that he would love to join Terrell Owens and make a super duo. He even mentioned joining Chad Ochocinco and rookie A.J. Green in Cincinnati. "I know Carson [Palmer] has talked about retirement, but the three of us, along with this rookie, would be the best receiving corps ever assembled. I've always wanted to play with Ochocinco and T.O."

Story Three

Bills LB Shawne Merriman has told his Twitter followers that he is contemplating an offer to join a show on Broadway. Why not, they already had Lombardi on Broadway this year. "The bad thing," he tweeted, "is that I am really considering it."

Story Four

Chad Ochocinco, who earlier this year had a tryout with Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer, has accepted a challenge from Professional Bull Riders chief operating officer Sean Gleason to ride a bull at the LucasOil Invitational this weekend in Duluth. Tweeted Ochocinco: "When I touch the football field there's a risk of being injured, playing da Steelers n Ravens is equivalent to 1 damn bull ride."

Story Five

Not wanting to be left out of the reality TV show crazy, Jets CB Darrelle Revis is putting together a TV series with his best friend and manager John Geiger. Revis said he wanted to do a show like MTV's "Rob and Big."

Which story is fake?

The Hawk story is true. He was quoted in the *Milwaukee Journal Sentinel*. And that photo in that link, wow... Ochocinco is involved in bull riding, as seen here on Revis did tell ESPN that he wanted to do a reality TV show. But it would not be as cool as any of these potential shows.

Those three are easy. So what was fake?

Merriman really did tweet that he has been asked to perform on Broadway (not sure if he was kidding or not, but we'll take it at face value for now). What will the play be, "Lights Out: The Musical?"

The Moss story is complete fiction. Although, wouldn't you love to see Palmer's face if the Bengals did bring in Moss? Count this as something we wish would happen.

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