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Injury update from Patriots' Hernandez nothing but gibberish

Either Aaron Hernandez is a meathead, or he's pretty smart and has paid attention in the Bill Belichick School of Dealing with the Media.

How else can we explain the New England Patriots tight end acting like a Neanderthal with reporters Thursday?

When asked about the status of his injured left knee, which has caused him to miss two games, Hernandez had this to offer: "Aaaahuuugh!" (Translation, we think: "Let's not go there, guys.")

Asked again, if he could add some depth: "Aaaahuuugh?" (Translation: "No clue what you're talking about.")

Asked how he feels when he wakes up in the morning: "Aaaahuuugh ... " (Translation: "Nice try, but you're not getting me to bite on that one.")

OK, so it's obvious Hernandez was just having some fun with the reporters. He eventually spoke English and offered a coherent -- albeit useless -- answer.

"I feel pretty good," Hernandez said. "Just trying to get healthy, take it day by day."

That generic "day by day" reference was used four more times in the ensuing 90 seconds that Hernandez spent answering questions. He spoke but of course was shrewd while saying absolutely nothing. Which, incidentally, is just how Belichick likes it -- and the media hates it.


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