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Indianapolis Colts want to halt C.J. Spiller, Buffalo Bills

INDIANAPOLIS -- C.J. Spiller was named the Buffalo Bills' starting ruinning back this week, but that doesn't matter to the Indianapolis Colts. They already had their eye on him.

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The New England Patriots torched the Colts for 59 points last week, and the Indianapolis defense is determined to stop that from happening again Sunday against the Bills -- and that means it will have to stop Spiller.

"They're explosive," Colts interim coach Bruce Arians said of the Bills. "C.J. Spiller can score at the drop of a hat. Ryan's (Fitzpatrick) a streaky player. ... He really can get on a roll. They've got speed. They spread you out very much like New England and get it out quick. They're hard to sack.

"They probably lead the league in screen yardage. They've got every kind of screen known to man. Their running backs are devastating on screen passes. ... They are the best in the league. I think they're averaging 11 yards per completion on a screen."

Spiller already has single-season career highs in yards rushing (723) and receiving (336), along with five combined touchdowns. The Bills struggled for years to balance Spiller and Fred Jackson when they were both healthy. Spiller now has slid into the role of lead back for the NFL's eighth-ranked rushing team. He's the more versatile back of the two with better speed, quickness and hands.

"The two consistents are their two running backs," Colts linebacker Robert Mathis said. "They're beasts. You have to make sure you keep those guys bottled up. Can't let them beat you.

"(The Bills are) nothing to sneeze at. They're a team that can put up points in a hurry. If you want to go in sleeping on them, they'll make you pay."

The Colts allowed a team to run wild on them last week. They can't let that happen again while they're in a playoff race.

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