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Indianapolis Colts training camp: Complete coverage

NFL teams will head off for training camps at the end of July. To tide you over until the official report dates, here are a few things to know about the Indianapolis Colts.

2017 record: 4-12

Training camp schedule: Rookies: July 22; Veterans: July 25

Three players to watch:Andrew Luck, Marlon Mack, Quenton Nelson

Post-draft analysis, courtesy Jeremy Bergman: Do we really have to explain this? Like, seriously? Does this website have to go into -- for the 384th time -- how the fate of Indianapolis' season and, more broadly, financial future resides on the organization's ability to get Andrew Luck and his capricious shoulder back on the damn field? This has been the only headline unrelated to that Foxborough-Based Coordinator Who Shall Not Be Named coming out of Lucas Oil Stadium over the past two seasons. It needs no further investigation. We're playing a sad waiting game until late July -- as are the rest of the Colts, who, during Luck's prolonged absence, have either moved on or stayed put. Donte Moncrief was replaced by Ryan Grant; Frank Gore by Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines; and Jeremy Vujnovich by Quenton Nelson. Luck has been out of the picture for so long in Indianapolis that it's hard to remember how transcendent a talent he is and how he can pick up the rest of a roster. After over a year on the shelf, will the three-time Pro Bowl QB slide right back into form with a fresh cast of characters when -- er, if -- he returns to the fold?

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