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Indianapolis Colts to pass despite protection issues

He's been sacked 37 times, the fourth most in the NFL, despite mobility being one of his strengths. He was sacked five times against the Houston Texans last week and hit 10 times. Luck's best stretch came during a 3-0 run during Week 7-9 when he completed 66.0 percent of his passes. He completed 46.0 percent of his passes the last three weeks.

"Andrew, he's always the first person to take the blame," Indianapolis Colts left guard Joe Reitz said. "He's always the first to say 'it's my fault' even when it's not. That's what you love about your leader and your quarterback. ... It really makes you want play well for him. We need to do that and we need to pick up our game and play better and protect him."

The pass rush has forced Luck to change his throwing angles and the ball has come out high as of late. And the offense doesn't provide many check-downs. When a single back is behind Luck on pass plays, he's usually staying in to block.

"High throws normally are pressure when you can't step into it," interim coach Bruce Arians said. "So, we've got to do a better job securing our pocket."

Arians was asked if he would consider more three-step drops to get the ball out of Luck's hand quicker. He said those options are in the playbook and are used at times, but the run game was effective last week so they wanted to go downfield on pass plays.

"I'm not a dink and dunk guy, I never will be," Arians said. "That doesn't mean we don't throw the ball short."

At 6-foot-4, 234 pounds, Luck has been able to take the punishment. There doesn't seem to be much of a concern with his health.

But the Colts need Luck to be accurate to win games. That's why the blocking up front must improve.

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