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IFL's Slaughter plans to make contract offer to Moss

It'd be easy to mistake the Allen Wranglers as jeans on sale at Walmart before the Indoor Football League franchise signed Terrell Owens last week.

The publicity gained by the Wranglers wasn't lost on the Chicago Slaughter, an unfortunately named IFL competitor that plans to extend its own offer to Randy Moss.

On Monday, Moss used the absurdist theater of his Ustream account to announce the end of his one-season retirement. Moss, 35, wants to return to the NFL, but Slaughter general manager and president Jeff Sedivy announced on the team's website this week that Chicago will make an offer to the former Pro Bowl receiver.

"Seeing the splash that T.O. made going to the Allen, Texas team, it would be a coup for us to get Randy," Slaughter coach Steve McMichael said Thursday, according to

McMichael, a former two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle with the Bears, gave two reasons why Moss would thrive in Chicago.

"Guys who are workout fiends -- and Randy was, that's one of the reasons he was so good -- they don't quit doing that," McMichael said, potentially taking a leap of faith. "Their routine is they get up in the morning, brush their teeth and work out. So he's in shape.

"And it's only a 50-yard field, baby. It's not like he has to run all over creation. It's like playing half-court basketball."

A decent sell by McMichael, though it'll probably take more spin than that once Moss learns the average IFL player game check is $300. Straight cash, homey.

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