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If not Elway, here are some cool names for aspiring punk bands

John Elway doesn't seem too pleased that a Colorado band is using his name. Apparently, only car dealerships are allowed to carry the Elway brand.

But Elway doesn't want the band cashing in on his good name. Well, at least in Denver. I can't imagine that this group is going to be incredibly popular in Cleveland, for instance.

Of course, by bringing attention to the fledgling band, the Hall of Famer has given them more publicity than they could have asked for. The band means no harm, as in they just wanted to pay homage to its Colorado roots. And apparently "Cheap Beer" was already taken.

Also considered: Romo, but it seems too much like a poppy boy band.

And without further ado …

6. Reggie Rucker
This seems like the perfect name for a Southern band that will use a little bit of blues-infused music in its sound.

5. Butkus
Powerful and defiant. And if Dick Butkus agreed to be in the show Hang Time (not to mention his time with the XFL), he would probably be cool with this.

4. OSJB (The Otis Sistrunk Jam Band)
Some of the greatest punk bands use acronyms for names - TSOL, D.R.I. and GBH to name a few. So why not take one of the greatest NFL names period and then make it even better?

3. Bednarik
Classic name of power. Shows that you will be playing full sets. And it certainly goes without saying that the front man needs to be known as "Concrete Charlie." In fact, that might be a better name.

2. Night Train
There has to be a band out there already using this name, right? I also like Dickie Lane as a name for a front man.

1. The Max McGee Experience
The famed Packers receiver lived a life that most punk bands, even if they are not fans of football, can identify with. Late nights, missing bed checks and performing at your best when you are hungover. Just a few of the things that Max McGee brought to the table.

And really, John, before you get too upset about this, you should ask Mookie Blaylock about this whole thing.

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