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How will OTA punishment affect Seattle Seahawks in 2012?

The Seattle Seahawkswill forfeit two scheduled organized team activities after the NFL found they engaged in live contact during a recent practice session. How will this affect the team and did the punishment, agreed upon by the league and NFLPA, fit the crime?

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  • Steve Wyche
  • Losing time won't help in getting QBs acclimated to offense

Losing the two practices won't be much of a setback, but losing time isn't helpful, either. As a result of the new collective bargaining agreement, teams already have lost more than a month with players compared to what they used to have. For a team like Seattle, which is trying to incorporate new quarterbacks Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson into the mix, forfeiting two workouts and potentially three workout days could disrupt the learning and chemistry-building curves.

Receivers and quarterbacks need to get on the same page, especially when they're learning new personnel and a new system. Even so, there's nothing that could stop any of them from going to a park some place and getting work in that way if they're determined to get better.

It's probably a bigger deal to the coaches because they feel they never get enough time with players. But in the long run, these missed workouts won't be cited for the Seahawks failing to score in the crunch or missing a tackle when the games actually are played.

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  • Gregg Rosenthal
  • OTAs are not real football so Seahawks will survive

Teams have fewer OTAs to work with this year, but let's not make this punishment into some huge story. These sessions are useful teaching sessions, but there is no live hitting. It's not football. The Seahawks will survive.

As for the punishment fitting the crime, the league has to do what it can to enforce its policies. The reality is that a majority of teams probably engage in some activity that could be questioned regarding live contact. The bigger question is who reported the Seahawks and why.

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  • Charley Casserly
  • Can't draw conclusions without seeing infraction

In the long run, this will not affect how the Seahawks play in the fall. Without seeing the tape and comparing it to what other teams are doing, I can't judge what is a fair punishment.

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  • Chad Reuter
  • NFL sends clear message, and Seahawks will feel the impact

Ripping away two OTAs was probably a bit harsh, but the league clearly wanted to send a message to all 32 teams that ignoring offseason rules regarding player contact would not be tolerated. And though it's tough to make an argument that the Seahawks' fall fortunes will be determined by the lack of two June practices, new quarterback Matt Flynn could have used that time to continue learning the offense and building a rapport with his receivers.

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