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How New York Jets lost to Patriots in under 60 seconds

Give the New York Jets credit. When they lose, they sure do it spectacularly.

During a 56-second span in the second quarter of Thursday night's 49-19 loss to the rival New England Patriots, the Jets somehow allowed three touchdowns.

Here's how you lose a game in under 60 seconds:

Step 1: After failing to convert a fourth-and-1 on offense, put linebacker Bart Scott on a speedy running back in coverage. Somehow, a routine swing pass to Patriots running back Shane Vereen magically turns into an 83-yard touchdown up the sideline.

Step 2: On first down, call a running play without the running back knowing. Have quarterback Mark Sanchez run into the backside of offensive lineman Brandon Moore, fall down, fumble, then watch Patriots safety Steve Gregory return the ball 32 yards for a score. This might have been the defining play of the Sanchez era. We can't wait to see the cover of the New York Post on Friday.

Step 3: Let return man Joe McKnight fumble the ensuing kickoff after a big hit, and watch the ball fly right into Julian Edelman's hands -- 22 yards and 21 points later, the game is over.

It sounds simple. But only the Jets could pull this off.

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