How are we supposed to get ready for some football now?

Given Hank Williams Jr.'s recent remarks about President Obama, we have a clearer vision of the "rowdy friends" that are there on Monday night with Williams, and let me be perfectly clear when I say that is one party I would certainly not attend.

So those remarks cost Williams his Monday night gig -- at least for this week -- which was a surprise because I didn't realize ESPN still used that tired introduction (forgive me, I am typically on L.A.'s infamous 405 freeway during the "Monday Night Football" kickoff).

And it was a big day for music in the NFL, with reports that Madonna is going to be the Super Bowl halftime show performer -- which Sports Biz's Darren Rovell pointed out on Twitter that the average age of the most recent Super Bowl halftime show performer is 54.8 years old. And that was only counting the age of Roger Daltrey's facelift.

Here are six performers who should get a crack at Williams' job on "Monday Night Football", should ESPN decide to part ways with him altogether. But first, some performers who were not considered -- any country band (because Williams ruined that, and we also have Faith Hill on Sunday night), Christina Aguilera (because she would forget the words) and any of the minority owners of the Miami Dolphins (obvious).

If you have never seen Maya Rudolph's spoof of the national anthem, she should be considered as well. But she just missed the cut.

And without further ado ...

6. Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam is easily the greatest band of the last two decades and should be an automatic pick, but the negotiations could become dicey with Eddie Vedder, who probably does not approve of the ticket exchange program.

5. Quincy Jones
Before you brush this one off too quickly, realize that Jones was the guy who came up with the theme for "Sanford and Son". And that might be the greatest TV theme song ever. Seriously, put the Monday night words into that "Sanford and Son" theme ... that's cool, right?

4. Justin Timberlake
There has to be one for the ladies, too. But most men hate Timberlake because he is just too damn good at everything. He sings, he acts, and he is a great golfer, too. He would probably be a better quarterback than Curtis Painter, too. Sorry, he can't have everything.

3. Foo Fighters
Much like Pearl Jam, who could possibly hate the Foo Fighters? Plus, if you consider all of these trulyawesomevideos that Foo Fighters have done over the years, this starts to make a lot of sense.

2. Mike Ditka
Do you really need a reason?

1. Metallica
How many stadiums use "Enter Sandman" at least once a game? This one is so obvious, there is no way that this could ever happen. And Metallica should just be inked to be the Super Bowl halftime show guest for the next decade. Who thinks that is a bad idea? The only knock against them is they are just not quite old enough to be considered.

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