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Houston Texans hinting at QB with first overall pick?

Shipping Matt Schaub out of town on Friday accomplished two tasks for the Houston Texans.

First, the team opened up considerable cap room by passing the aging quarterback's weighty $11 million salary to the free-wheeling Oakland Raiders. Second, a vacancy was created to bring a new signal-caller to town, presumably a rookie.

Plugged-in beat writer John McClain of the Houston Chronicle wrote late Friday that the Texans under Bill O'Brien "have given another indication" that they plan to draft a quarterback with the first-overall pick in May's draft.

McClain went on to say that "we'd be naïve" to believe that Ryan Fitzpatrick is viewed as a season-long answer under center after being paid like a backup with a two-year deal worth just $7.5 million.

NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah sees the same, saying Friday: "That's a backup quarterback making backup money. You're still in the market for a starter. I think with that first-overall pick, Blake Bortles is very much in play."

Jeremiah would rather see the Texans take Jadeveon Clowney and grab a passer in the second round, but he acknowledged that "all signs increasingly point to them picking a quarterback with that first-overall pick."

Who would have thought two months ago that Matt Schaub could send such shockwaves through the league? The Raiders have fallen in love with his aging arm and, at that price tag, Oakland appears out of the running for a passer in Round One.

The Texans, though, are in position to pair O'Brien -- a renowned quarterback tutor -- with the young signal-caller of his picking.

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