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Holmgren felt Browns 'had enough bullets' for RG3

Whether or not you believe the Washington Redskins paid too steep a price for the Rams' No. 2 draft pick and Baylor's Robert Griffin III -- barring outright anarchy -- they weren't the only team willing to part with three No. 1 picks, and then some.

The Browns, of course, were players in the deal, and it's no secret the tight bond between Rams coach Jeff Fisher and 'Skins coach Mike Shanahan had Cleveland playing from behind.

Browns president Mike Holmgren has been frank about losing out on RG3, chalking it up as something the team must file away and move on from.

"We were involved in discussions. Let's put it that way," Holmgren told KJR-FM in Seattle this week, per

"I thought we had enough bullets in the gun to perhaps make a run at that, but it turned out that we didn't. I think trades are kind of like games. You get competitive with it. At the time, we were kind of fired up about it. We were disappointed. Then you go on to Plan B or Plan C. That's what happens with trades. That's what happens with the draft. The one thing I've learned over the years is you can't get so excited about a single transaction or a single draft pick or your position in the draft 'cause sometimes that guy doesn't fall to you, sometimes you don't get him. So if you let it bother you too much, then you can't regroup and do what you have to do after that."

Holmgren has come forward to defend quarterback Colt McCoy and believes his young quarterback understands the nature of seeking competition at the position. Peyton Manning being dropped into the open market this month was case in point: franchise passers are about as common as the Ark of the Covenant in this league, and you drop everything to grab one.

And then, when someone else grabs first, you pick up the pieces.

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