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Herremans: Eagles fans deserve better, but so does Reid

Long gone are the heady summer months when Eagles players and coaches were crowned an unbeatable force, well before winning a football game that mattered.

Now 3-6, the same players and coaches are hearing it from a city that's fuming over a season branded as disorganized and listless (and those are the words we can print).

Veteran offensive tackle Todd Herremans was a guest Tuesday on's "Cover Two Podcast" and shed light on the volatile nature of the Eagles faithful. While he believes the fans deserve more this season, so does embattled coach Andy Reid, according to Herremans.

"We all know what kind of city we're playing in," Herremans said. "They demand the best and they haven't gotten the best for a really long time and they deserve it.

"But the thing is that Coach Reid deserves it, too. It's not all just on him. I know that he's the head coach and that a lot operates underneath him. But those things underneath him need to take on some accountability and just get the job done ourselves.

"It's kind of unfair that every week there is a sign hanging outside of the practice facility that's talking about Coach Reid should be fired. ... That's Philly for you; you're going to get that. Especially if you wind up 3-6."

And especially after your backup quarterback, who has yet to contribute an ounce to the cause, goes ahead and labels you the "Dream Team." From the start, there were better nicknames for the 2011 Eagles.

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