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Here's a group you wouldn't want to run your favorite team

With our experts listing the best general managers to run a draft (our invitation must have been lost in the mail), we've decided to count down the worst people to put in the job.

Considered: Charlie Sheen, because "Winning" is the new "Just win, baby." And McLean Stevenson, whose TV travels from "MAS*H" to "The McLean Stevenson Show" to "Hello, Larry" were eerily similar to Randy Moss' travels in 2010.

And without further ado ...

6. Lindsay Lohan
She got in hot water with a jewelry store, which probably makes her more suited to be a Cowboys receiver and not a general manager. Besides, she hasn't always made the best choices, to put it mildly.

5. Tiki Barber
Many have questioned his recent decisions, the latest being his announcement that he'd like to return to the NFL. As a player. So here's how you'd rule him out: Ask him during his job interview, "Would you sign yourself?" If he says yes, you pass. If he says "no," well, you know he's lying. So, again, you pass.

4. Vince McMahon
You can't argue with his track record as a wrestling boss, but he managed to get an entire football league shut down in one season. Imagine what he'd do if he was running only one team? But it'd be cool to settle quarterback controversies with a steel-cage match. Martellus Bennett, your thoughts?

3. Jay Leno
Sure, he'd like to give running an NFL team a shot. But what happens when he's a horrific failure at it and decides he wants his old job back? Browns fans should prepare to experience this soon with Mike Holmgren.

2. George Lucas
He took the greatest franchise in movie history and ruined it with his constant tinkering. To put it in football terms for you non-Star Wars geeks, that would be akin to the Packers winning the Super Bowl, then immediately replacing Aaron Rodgers with a CGI character.

1. Matt Millen
Easy target? Piling on? Maybe. But Millen himself admitted to The Denver Post that he hopes John Elway can do a better job running the Broncos than he did running the Lions because he "stunk at it." Who's to argue?

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