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Henne on hazy future with 'Fins: 'I'm gung-ho about this team'

The "not-tough-enough" talk isn't sitting well with Chad Henne.

Last week, ex-NFL quarterback and current analyst Jim Miller told WMEN-AM that Henne "flat-out packed it in" by not playing through a separated left shoulder in Week 4.

Henne obliterated that theory Monday and took issue with the words of Miller, who himself started a whopping 27 games in 11 NFL seasons.

"I'll play through anything," Henne, who underwent surgery on the shoulder, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "I'm a tough guy and I just -- it's a shame ... that has to come out and people criticize you for (something) that they don't know about.

"I'm gung-ho about this team and playing here and being all about the Dolphins. So it's just a shame that it has to come out."

Henne's improved play this season failed to lift the fog on his hazy future in Miami.

"Yeah, it's always wondering where you're going to be, what you're going to do down here but you know, I'm just going to rehab now, see what happens," Henne said. "Hopefully I get a chance to come back here. If not, my time will be done, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to come down here and play down here."

We couldn't fault Henne for wanting to board the first flight out of town, but he remains committed to the Dolphins. Whether Miami feels the same -- especially with coach Tony Sparano on a white-hot seat and Stanford's Andrew Luck on the radar -- remains to be seen.

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