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Heat is on: Raiders-loving cop busts Crabtree's vacation plans

Bay Area cops haven't always enjoyed a particularly cuddly relationship with the peace-loving Oakland Raiders fan base (apparently, the same goes for in-state eateries trying to keep a lid on sheer chaos).


Perhaps in an effort to bridge that divide, one local cop made waves Tuesday when he pulled over Michael Crabtree and disrupted the San Francisco 49ers wideout's bye-week vacation plans.

"Just got pull over on highway 280 on my way to the airport. Police kept me for 30 mins," Crabtree tweeted. "Then told me he was a raiders fan and didn't like the niners!! Made me miss my flight!"

Having only Crabtree's angle here, there's no hard evidence to suggest this policeman intentionally dragged along the proceedings. Or, notably, why Crabtree was stopped by the cops to begin with -- not for tweeting while driving, of course.

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