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Havard Rugland works out for Green Bay Packers

"Kickalicious" lives.

Havard Rugland, the Norwegian YouTube sensation cut by the Detroit Lions this week, tweeted that he worked out with the Green Bay Packers on Friday.

Rugland was unable to beat out veteran David Akers for a spot on the Lions but proved he had legitimate potential as an NFL kicker. He performed well in both practices and the preseason, even though he never played an organized game of football in his life before this month.

Rugland's invite to work out for the Packers also tells us the team still is not sold on in-house option Mason Crosby, who beat out two challengers this week and took a pay cut.

In other words, Rugland might have a shot at this. Or at least a better shot than he did with the Lions. Best of all, we get yet another excuse to post his trick-shot video. Enjoy.

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