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Harper, Dunbar reportedly earned $200 for hits

When Sean Pamphilon aired his infamous Gregg Williams audio for league security officials last month, one particular sound clip turned heads at NFL headquarters, according to the filmmaker.

During a portion of the tape, the former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator trumpets $200 handouts for "whack" hits leveled by cornerback Roman Harper and linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar during a January playoff win over the Detroit Lions, according to Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver, who spoke with Pamphilon.

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The sound in question came on the eve of the Saints' NFC divisional playoff game with the San Francisco 49ers.

A league source told Silver that Dunbar, now with the St. Louis Rams, and Harper are "unlikely to be subjected to disciplinary measures," but the NFL viewed the revelation as another piece of evidence that a "bounty" program was in place in New Orleans. Two NFL Players Association sources told Silver they disagreed, defining "whack" hits as "forceful yet clean and legal play by a defender, and thus a 'pay-for-performance' issue that is a far less severe violation of league rules."

Pamphilon's audio indicates Dunbar and Harper turned down the money, according to Silver's report.

"You want it?" Williams appears to ask Dunbar, in the audio.

"(Expletive) no," a voice answers, to the cheers of the room. Harper appeared to reject the cash as well.

The NFL declined to comment on the report.

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