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Harbaugh wants you to keep your 49ers compliments to yourself

The 49ers are 3-1, a development that's fostered plenty of positive reinforcement around the NFC West leaders.

Coach Jim Harbaugh is obviously pleased with how his first season by the Bay has started, but he doesn't appreciate compliments on his team's play.

Wait, what?

"I'm starting to get the feeling like there are too many nice things coming our way here," Harbaugh said Monday, according to The Sacramento Bee. "My coach in college said, 'Whenever people start talking nice about you, kick 'em in the shins.' Let's stop."

First off, Harbaugh's coach in college sounds like a jerk. Secondly, isn't praise a positive byproduct of success?

To Harbaugh, it comes down to an issue of motivation.

"I feel exposed when people are saying flowery things about us," Harbaugh said. "We … prefer that all that's written is written against us."

We understand what Harbaugh's trying to say here, but he'll learn in time that harsh criticism from the media isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's even been known to send coach's to the unemployment line. Be careful what you wish for, sir.

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