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Harbaugh vs. Carroll highlights the 2011 season

The NFL season is a week away and everybody is ready for football to start. Even the president is willing to move his speech before Congress to make sure that it does not interfere with the opening of the NFL season.

There is no bigger proof that football rules the roost in America.

The one thing I miss about this time of year is that I do not have a team of my own to root for. This is a time when everybody in the NFL is a Super Bowl contender. (This is not baseball where half of the teams are eliminated by the end of April.)

So while I cannot rave about my team's upcoming season (well, at least not until the NFL returns to Los Angeles), I must set my sights to the entire NFL and give you these six things I cannot wait to see this season.

And without further ado …

6. The Lions
The Lions have been the most talked about team during the offseason, but the flip side is that they have become like one of those movies that everybody has set the expectations up so high, that it seems like they will be impossible to meet. Much like The Hangover Part II. Still, I am excited to see what this team can put together.

5. The Bills' new uniforms
I have gone out of my way to avoid watching the Bills in the preseason because I wanted my first gaze of those new glorious uniforms to be in regular season action, and not a meaningless game. The Bills have gone from the worst uniforms to top five. Hey Bengals, you are on the clock for a new uniform.

4. Jay Cutler
There is a scene in The Longest Yard where the inmates learn that Paul Crewe has betrayed them and they refuse to block the guards who pummel the quarterback into the turf. I am curious to see if the Bears do the same thing to Cutler on the opening series.

3. The Kerry Collins era in Indianapolis
All of you Peyton Manning defenders had better hope that Collins struggles in relief of your hero, otherwise you will have to explain how a retiree was able to take over the Colts offense and make it click.

2. Rooting against the Eagles
I have always liked the Eagles' fans. A picture of Chuck Bednarik hangs up in my office. Tommy McDonald is one of my favorite guys ever. But there is something inherently American against rooting for these "Super Teams." But don't worry Philly, I will be pulling for you guys to beat the Yankees or Red Sox in the World Series, so we are cool.

1. Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll
"What's your deal?" That is what Carroll said to Harbaugh after his Cardinal went for the two-point conversion to reach 50 in Stanford's romp over USC in the coach's last battle (Stanford went on to score again to win 55-21) in 2009. Harbaugh retorted with, "What's your deal?"


These two teams square in Week 1, and I cannot wait. To use one of the most tired of sports clichés, these two teams just don't like each other.

What are you looking forward to in 2011? Send Rank a note via Twitter or via Facebook. Be sure to catch the latest on the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

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