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Harbaugh family slogan catches on in 49ers' locker room

Our all-time favorite family motto is still "O'Doyle rules!" (R.I.P.), but Jim Harbaugh has thrown his own family catch phrase into the conversation.

It all goes down inside the 49ers' locker room after a win. Harbaugh yells, "Who's got it better than us?" His players respond in unison, "Nooooo-body!"

The players seem to get a kick out of it (see the video above), and the 9-1 Niners obviously have had plenty of chances to refine and perfect their rally cry this season.

Its origin traces back to Jack Harbaugh -- father of Jim and Ravens coach John -- who started the call-and-answer chant with his sons growing up.

"I'm sorry he got to it first," John Harbaugh said Monday of his brother, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. "It's very meaningful, obviously, to us. The thing that I think is pretty cool about it is the fact that maybe people out there, Niners fans or football fans, can take something like that and maybe try to apply it to their family and it can be something they can have some fun with and maybe make a difference on people."

Jack Harbaugh was a longtime coach on the high school and collegiate levels who instilled a lifetime of coach-speak into his sons before they could drive a car. The bond between family and football has stayed with both men, who will spend Thanksgiving together -- on opposite sidelines -- when the Ravens meet the 49ers in Baltimore.

"(That's) what we try to do here, and I know Jim tries to do the same thing, because we were always around football," John Harbaugh said. "We were always around the office, around the field or in the locker room. And we try to do that with our team. Our coaches' kids come here all the time. Our players' kids are here all the time.

"We don't always do a great job with our kids in this society, and if we can't do a great job with the children ... that's what it's all about."

Watch the next episode of "The NFL Season: A Biography," where the lives of the Harbaugh brothers are profiled.

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