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Haley says 'buddy system' is in effect with mountain lion near

As if the Kansas City Chiefs didn't have enough obstacles standing in their way this season, the team is now apparently contending with a mountain lion roaming near the team's practice facility.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley was asked during his media session on Friday if the rumors were true about the hulking cat.

"I've seen the pictures of that mountain lion, but I've heard a couple different rumors of how close it actually was to the vicinity," Haley said with a half smile. "But it's got a lot of guys running to their car quick at night, the buddy system's in use."

According to Wikipedia, the mountain lion is "a capable stalk-and-ambush predator" that "pursues a wide variety of prey." Good times.

Haley was asked if he was worried about walking through the parking lot after the sun sets.

"I just kind of hobble fast to the car, have it started, and jump in fast," he said.

With his impressive neck beard and overall grizzled look, we feel like Haley would handle himself well if he encountered the beast. Obviously it would end horribly, but he'd probably put up a decent fight.

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