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Haley confirms offensive coordinator Muir is calling plays

The Chiefs didn't register a single first down until the third quarter of their Week 3 loss to the Chargers, leading to speculation that coach Todd Haley had taken over playcalling duties from offensive coordinator Bill Muir during the contest.

There was evidence to support the theory, given Kansas City's sudden transition from dink and dunk in the first half to an aggressive downfield strategy in the second. While it's obviously possible Muir could've directed that shift himself, Haley was asked about it anyway.

"Bill Muir is our play caller," Haley told The Kansas City Star in Wednesday's edition. "I thought he did a tremendous job yesterday of just sticking with the plan."

Tremendous, huh? In any case, the Chiefs did put up 17 points in the second half against San Diego after being blanked in the first two quarters. If nothing else, it's a good jumping off point for a team in desperate need of positives.

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