Grubman gives sobering take on efforts to stop L.A. relocation

The NFL executive overseeing potential franchise relocation to Los Angeles says the markets of Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis have yet to submit "compelling proposals" aimed at preventing their respective teams from moving.

Speaking on The Bernie Miklasz Show on WXOS-FM in St. Louis on Wednesday, NFL Executive Vice President Eric Grubman didn't mince words regarding the state of retention efforts.

"...There's no compelling proposal from any city," Grubman said. "San Diego's proposal, outline, whatever you want to call it, it's to be delivered next year. Oakland, who have really started very recently to try to put something together, they're really just beginning to define it."

Grubman also gave a sobering evaluation of efforts made to keep the Rams from potentially moving back to L.A.

"St. Louis will fall short of having a compelling proposal that would attract the Rams," Grubman said. "To that end, and I don't mean to oversimplify and I'm certainly not going to negotiate the individual points: the stadium is going to cost more than is at the drawing board at the moment, the funding has declined and new taxes are being proposed to the Rams."

The three home markets have until Dec. 28 to submit their final proposals to the NFL. Relocation proposals by teams can't be submitted until Jan. 4. NFL owners are scheduled to vote on Los Angeles relocation during their next meeting in Houston on Jan. 12-13.

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