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Grossman doesn't appear sold on Redskins' playoff run

Say what you will about Rex Grossman, but the man knows how to deliver a pep talk.

"You know, we've got about a three, four, five percent chance of getting on a run and something good happening at the end, so we're all just out here trying to enjoy ourselves, put on a show for the fans and win," the Redskins starting quarterback told ESPN Radio, via The Washington Post.

Wait a minute, what?

Grossman was gently reminded of this season's St. Louis Cardinals, a baseball team left for dead along the highway before eventually catching fire and winning the World Series.

"I mean, that's a little bit more realistic maybe than this situation," he said, "but we've got a lot of football ahead of us."

Oh, boy.

(What's depressing is that the guys over at Football Outsiders say Grossman's actually too generous in his analysis. They place the Redskins' playoff chances at 0.1 percent.)

We get what Grossman's saying here and we give the man credit for being honest -- and (almost) mathematically accurate -- about the 4-7 Redskins.

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