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Gronkowski saved his best moves for the dance floor

Moments after the Giants captured Super Bowl XLVI, legions of morose Patriots fans filed out of Lucas Oil Stadium, unable to bring themselves to watch New Yorkers celebrate. 

And as a fan, you just hope the guys on your team feel as awful as you do. Wes Welker certainly did, as he felt he let his team down because he couldn't make a circus catch on a poorly thrown ball. (No matter what Gisele said about it.)

But Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and offensive lineman Matt Light? Yes, let's just say they took it rather well. The duo were caught on video (via Barstool Sports) dancing and celebrating … well, celebrating what, is not clear. But if you watch the video, Gronkowski is moving rather well for a guy whose high ankle sprain was the biggest non-Peyton Manning story of Super Bowl week.

In fact, Gronkowski looked much better than he looked when he tried to defend Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn as he made a critical interception.

Seriously, if I hadn't watched the game and only saw Gronkowski in the postgame video, I would have believed he made this catch on the final play of the game. (Spoiler alert: He didn't. And the Patriots lost.)

I can't wait until video surfaces of Gronkowski gleefully eating those Butterfinger bars shipped to Copley Square in an attempt to mock Welker. Maybe I'm overreacting here, but I'd hate to think one of the guys on my team was cutting it up after a disappointing loss.

You know Rank can cut a rug. You can reach him via Twitter @adamrank.

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