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Gregg Williams to apply year-off lessons with Titans

New Tennessee Titans defensive senior assistant Gregg Williams talked scheme after he was hired Thursday. He built a reputation for aggressive, turnover-creating defenses before he was suspended for his role in the bounty ordeal. Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray will continue to call plays, but Williams will have his say.

"A mix of aggressiveness and a mix of bend-but-don't-break," Williams said via The Tennessean. "That's always been a part of what I'm about anyway. You have to adapt to the situation with what is needed to be effective during the time of the game. Maybe it is bend-but-don't-break. Maybe it is pressure. But we've got to do what is best for the players here."

Williams admitted some shortfalls in his last stint in New Orleans. "Every year there's an adaptability you have to have. We adapted and we improved as well as possible there," Williams said. "The thing we didn't do a very good job of, as I look back, is (get) some key takeaways in some situations, but I felt good about that whole experience and that kind of stuff."

Williams had plenty of time to adapt in 2012. He had an unfamiliar viewing perspective being out of the NFL for a year.

"It was a pretty neat thing about being able not to be so focused on your own team or focused on your own situation, but to be able to look at the league league-wide," Williams said. "I was able to look at all different styles of offense, defense and special teams, all different styles of coaching decisions. It was a good growth year in that respect."

The Saints won Super Bowl XLIV with Williams in 2009. They gave up yards but ranked No. 3 in red zone defense and No. 2 in takeaways. The Titans were No. 31 in red zone defense in 2012 and had the worst scoring defense in the league.

There's not a ton to question when you look at Williams' coaching resume. How players and colleagues respond to him personally is what we'll be watching.

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