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Greg Schiano keeps signing former Rutgers players

Close Tampa Bay Buccaneers watchers have noticed a trend among transactions this offseason. A scarlet-hued trend. Yep, new coach Greg Schiano has shown an affinity for helping out former Rutgers University players.

He signed free-agent defensive tackle Gary Gibson and safety Ron Girault. He signed rookie free agent Desmond Wynn and brought back a former Buccaneer in Derrick Roberson. The Bucs even extended the contract of center Jeremy Zuttah, another former Rutgers players.

"Some of the guys that I'm very familiar with, if they're available and I think they have a chance to help us, (we'll sign)," Schiano said via Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times. "But my previous relationships will never cloud my vision on what's best for the Buccaneers. And that's exactly what I share with them. 'Look, I want you to be here. I want to see if it can work. I appreciate your skills and your work ethic.'

"But at the end of the day, I have one responsibility, and that's to the Buccaneers. So I'm going to do what's best for them. As long as everybody understands that going in -- not that it's easy when you have to tell somebody they can't work here anymore -- that's the way it is."

It's hard to find fault with Schiano's approach. These aren't guys who are breaking the bank. For the most part, these aren't guys who have a great chance to make the team. Schiano has a familiarity with the players, and they have a familiarity with the system that's going to be installed.

If all these guys wind up making the team, well, that might be a bigger concern for Bucs fans.

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